A wonderful winner who has won our photographer of the month for December and won in a great way to end the year!

Big congratulations to Rachel Joyce!

  1. What got you interested in photography and made you pursue it as a career?   –  I first got a ‘proper’ camera when I was pregnant with my daughter. Assuming that I’d be able to take good pictures. I couldn’t of course as I didn’t have a clue how to use the thing! So I took an evening photography class at a local college to learn the basics and soon fell in love. I’ve always had a desire to be my own boss and was forever looking for my way out of the day job. Photography quickly became an obsession and allowed me to work for myself which is a dream come true.
  2. How long have you been a photographer? It’s only about 6 years since I picked up my first real proper camera. I definitely am not one of those photographers who’ve been clicking away all their lives! I set up my business about 18 months later.
  3. Do you know how many weddings you have captured? I’ve shot 170 weddings in the past 4 years. It’s been busy!
  4. Do you remember the first wedding you went to as a photographer? I do! It was a bitter-sweet-emotional day. Lee and Yvonne organised their wedding at very short notice to coincide with Yvonne’s Mum’s 50th birthday. She’d passed away the year before. The couple released balloons on the day to remember her. It’s all a bit of a blur – I was so nervous!
  5. Name a member-able moment for you as a photographer for the wedding – Getting to be the photographer for two of my best friends when they got married. Lots of photographers don’t work for friends which I totally understand but these two are like family and it was brilliant being with them all day and getting to capture those memories for them.
  6. What is your favourite camera to use? Boring tech question! I shoot with Canon 5d MKiii
  7. What would your top tips be for the couple getting married?  Sit down right at the beginning of your wedding planning and decide what kind of day you really want. Imagine it out. What’s important. What kind of venue do you see. Do you see yourself in a church or a barn venue, a winter wedding or a spring wedding. Are you excited about spending tonnes of money on a dress or would you rather splurge that somewhere else? Decide what your spending priorities are and what you couldn’t care less about. We’re so lucky now that traditions can be thrown out of the window completely if you want – so make it your day and no-one else.

We hope you liked this quick way of getting to know more about Rachel Joyce.

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